It’s OK

I’m only one chapter into this book and already feeling some hope!

If I’m honest….I’m not ok. I war with crippling anxiety/panic attacks caused by horrible flashbacks of unspeakably, hard trauma that my mind won’t seem to let me forget. I’ve shed lots of tears and prayed lots of prayers. I’ve had to slow life way down and sleep more. I’ve had to change my eating habits and caffeine intake. I’ve had to have hard conversations with my mom and go to the doctor and ask for help with medication. And you know what….that’s all ok!

My mind and body weren’t made to carry and go through what it’s been through. So in this season, I will give myself grace. I will keep praying. I will allow myself the time I need to heal. I will focus on the simple things He has given me to do. I will enjoy my daughter. I will fight the lies. I will take one day, sometimes one minute/hour, and one step at a time….and LEAN HARD into the One who already knows how this all unfolds.

He is my anchor. He is my rock. Ps 61:2.

I don’t share this for pity or attention…that is the last thing I want. I share this because we need to be real. He’s asked that of me and if it encourages or allows one person to feel less alone then it’s worth it. So here is my struggle. I’d love your prayers and if I can add you to mine, comment or email me.

We will see the goodness of the Lord. It’s coming friend.

Amber Bowman

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