Keeping It Real

I tried to do a cool Facebook video and 30 takes later, after my phone died 4 times, I’ve over it. 🤪 He placed this on my heart today, so I’ll share this way.

God has asked me to write a book sharing my story. Most days it’s very difficult. It’s not always easy being open and real. Obedience is sometimes hard, but I love when God shows up.

Yesterday, I was struggling. Should I have quit my job to step out and do this work full time? Did I hear Him right? You want me to write this book? THEN I went to my mailbox.

I opened it to find a book, “Jesus Every Day” by Mary DeMuth. The she wrote to Jesus, “I give you permission to write my story however you see fit. I hand the pen back to you. I no longer want to dictate to you what I want my story to be. I choose now to surrender my story wholly, fully to you. Take the pen, Lord Jesus. And write. Amen.” 🙌🏻

What has He asked you to do? Step out and obey with me. Let’s Choose to trust that He will supply when we obey. He is in the details of our story. He loves you and so do I. 😍

Amber Bowman

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