“I love you to Canada and back.”

In my story, I’m not the only character who’s life will never be the same. There is a little 6-year-old girl who has walked a path of hard that I never wanted for her. Years of pain have affected our relationship. Looking back I see the lies I used to believe. Now I can see His healing and daily mercies, but it hasn’t always been this way. I desperately wish I could go back to the beginning of her life and love her better. That our bond could be so strong naturally and not such hard work. But this is all part of our story. His story. Only Jesus can heal wounds we don’t even see. Only He can take the shattered dust and do a miracle.

In my desperation to find better coping skills for her horrible separation anxiety, I saw a cute tip for children and loved it. We write a matching character on our wrists so while we are separated she can look down and know she is loved and I am coming back. I’ve started using this sometimes for myself to write scripture references or key words from my Heavenly Father as a reminder that His love is there and He is coming back.

Today while holding my wrist she said, “Mom, let me write a heart on your wrist so you know I love you to Canada and back.” These are the moments I live for. I don’t know each of your stories but in your pain know that Jesus loves you “to Canada and back”. 😉


Amber Bowman

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