Girl, give it up!

I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
Psalms 91:2 

Why do I fight things that I have no control over? Please tell me I am not alone on this.  Recently, my life feels like a roller coaster that I can’t get off and really don’t like being on.  After trying unsuccessfully to fix a situation I felt Him say, “Girl, GIVE IT UP!”.  Give it up to Me.  Ask Me to help you.  I’ve got you child.  I have loved you before anyone else even knew about you.  I am working.  I see a bigger picture.  Focus on Me.  The situation may not disappear right away, but my faith increases, and I learn even more that I can trust Him.

He is the only One who can heal my girl’s heart and give her a peace that passes all understanding.  He is the only One who can walk me through the traumatic memories and calm my body when it’s freaking out.  When I “give it up”, He steps in and takes over.  We were never meant to carry some of the burdens that we have and friend we don’t have to.  We have Him.

god is good.jpg

When I let go and step back, I can see things from a different perspective.  It allows me to see a bit of His bigger picture.  I have no control, but He does.  I can’t mend the massive, painful wounds of my child and myself, but He can.  How do I know this? Because He promises He will and I can trust Him.  And He does not lie.  It’s against His very character.  So, girl, give it up.  You weren’t created to carry that burden.

God, I can’t see and I have no control, BUT I trust You.  You are good.  You give life.  You heal. You see a bigger picture and I trust you.  Give me wisdom.  Change my heart.  You alone.  

Amber Bowman

3 thoughts on “Girl, give it up!

  1. Sweet Amber, we all struggle with wanting to be in control and not wanting God to handle it for us. Don’t we all think we can do better? Lol. The hardest test of faith is letting God have it and fix us and our struggles. Praying for you sweetie. You have this!♥️♥️🙏

  2. When the struggle feels more than I can handle I am reminded to cast all my cares upon Him and that I CAN do all things through Christ. Don’t beat yourself up. Trust God & His timeline….remember that all things work together for good!
    He’s promised to give you all that it takes. Just hang in & continue to watch Him work His glory in your life.

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