Lord, I Trust You

Lord, today is a day that I have dreaded for months.  This feels too hard to walk through.  My emotions are fickle.  My heart is broken.  Be with those families.  Be with my family.  Be with the whole process.  I can’t trust my heart or emotions today but You, Lord, I can TRUST YOU.  So in every minute of hard, I trust You.   Fix my eyes on You.  Take these ashes and make beauty as only You can. 

Lord, I Trust You by Selah

(Click link above to watch the video.  Lyrics are found below.)

“It may not seem I have what it will take
I fear that in the face of trial I’ll break
Any trouble’s just a day away
But Lord, I trust You

The best to worst of days are yet to come
Be glorified regardless of the cost
Be magnified whether joy or loss
Lord, I trust You

Lord, You are
Life inside the fire
Lord, You are
The grace that rises higher
Oh, there will never be
A day that You are not with me
Oh Lord, I trust You

I believe but help my unbelief
Help me go wherever You will lead
Do with me whatever You would please
Lord, I trust You


I can’t find the strength to pray
All seems lost and it’s too late, oh-ohh
I cannot fear what comes my way
Find me faithful in the day, oh-ohh
‘Cause the only hope I have is
You will be enough


Lord, I trust you. 
Amber Bowman

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