Broken and Spilled Out

“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7 KJV).

After months of praying and weeks of preparing—I shared my story for the first time this weekend. I questioned God before sharing it, because the story feels “dark” and “hard”. God kept reminding me though, that this story isn’t mine, because He’s done the work only a Mighty God can do. So, as I reflect on God’s goodness from this past weekend, I’m reminded once again: I am the “least of these.”

There aren’t even words to express my thoughts.

All He asks is that I obey and share my story. And WOW! Did He show up. I’m learning He finds value in a willing vessel. It can be broken, it can have cracks, bless—it can even be a leaky mess—but if the vessel is willing, He can mend it, refine it, and fill it again. He patches with His grace. He heals with forgiveness. And with His love and tender mercy, He renders it useful. That’s me. I’m that vessel. I feel completely undone by Him. I am praying and preparing for the upcoming webinar. I will give you an update soon on the where, the when, and the wow of the webinar as I’m learning to stop and wait on His timing. The response has been awesome, so I hope you sign up today!

God you, alone, are worthy. You, alone, deserve every ounce of glory. The only good thing in me, is you. And I am forever yours. In Your will and Jesus’ name – Amen.


Broken and Spilled Out,

Amber Bowman

2 thoughts on “Broken and Spilled Out

  1. What a beautiful thought. Most people dread the broken part. But it’s then that we feel the full effects of the deliverance. I love you sweet girl. My heart is so full and overflowing. Thank you God for saving my girl and saving her heart!! You… and You alone! Praise Him!

  2. YES!!! YES!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!
    Father God, grow this ministry, grow Amber as speaker and bless her with exactly what you want her to deliver. Fund this ministry with everything it needs to prosper!

    I can NOT wait to hear the webinar details!

    If there is a way I can volunteer to help grow this ministry, please let me know. I can stuff envelopes, make calls, help monitor social media. Anything to help.

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